Terrorist Watchlist Edits

We've known for years the the Terrorist Watch List has millions of names on it, rendering it worse than useless as a tool for preventing actual terrorism.  Well, the Congress has finally gotten the ball rolling on fixing the program:
The House passed a bill Tuesday aimed at helping people who have been misidentified as terrorists clear their names from government watch lists and databases.

The bill (HR 559), sponsored by Yvette D. Clarke , D-N.Y., passed by a vote of 413-3....“This is a good bill,” said Pete Olson , R-Texas. “This is a bipartisan bill.”

It's always been sort of Kafkaesque that a gigantic security bureaucracy could stick your name on a terrorist watchlist and basically give you no way to get it off. It's long past time for Congress to address this.
About time.  Everyone agreed it was a problem, but the Republicans couldn't bring themselves to vote for it until Bush left town.

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