Boortz Call Notes - Cone of Silence

Once again, I did a pretty good job of getting this on the air, despite an interruption in the middle over Rove:

Topic words: Saddleback NBC partisan coverage

Howdy Neal, it's always an honor talking to you sir! We've had number of satisfyingly serious conversations. You try to be fair, I think.

So McCain's campaign is hitting NBC pretty hard, huh? Davis the campaign manager sent a letter saying that they were crossing the line of partisan coverage - becoming some sorta liberal FOX News. McCain's campaign is ticked!

But here's the thing, I've got the two things Mitchell reported that's got McCain so Angry again. These are quotes:

-McCain may not have been in the cone of silence

-he may have had some ability to overhear the questions asked to Senator Obama

Now, McCain's own campaign manager, the rove-protege himself says that McCain was in a car with quote no broadcast feed." (Queue lengthy interruption about the validity of mentioning Rove in this context. I ended up prostrating myself and withdrawing the point so I didn't get booted off the air.)

But what does Cone of Silence mean? Words mean things, and THOSE mean you don't have the ABILITY to listen in.

Now, I'm in a car now, and I don't have a broadcast feed, but do you think I could find out the questions in such a situation? Of course I could! So their reporting on this was correct.

(Here, Boortz tries to get me to say that I think McCain cheated, but I don't allow the diversion)

I'm not calling to say that McCain cheated. I'm saying that the McCain campaign is being a dishonest whiny baby about this NBC letter thing.

But since you bring it up, tell me the truth... when McCain was sitting in that church he SAID that he had been in a cone of silence. Now come on, Neal, if this was a Democrat, the radio'd be crowing about how McCain LIED Sat. Night at that church. McCain LIED in CHURCH, Neal! To millions of Christians!

I had more to give, but that little run got me booted. :)

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