Newt Disintigrates into Silliness

Here's a quote from Newt from last night. It simply defies imagining how utterly stupid this point is.

Seeming to outdo his previous false attacks on this issue, Gingrich claimed that Obama's idea is actually encouraging Americans to "enrich Big Oil" because selling air has "a higher profit margin than selling gasoline":

GINGRICH: Well, I got a very funny e-mail from a retired military officer in Tampa who pointed out that most tire inflation is done at service stations and you pay for it. And it's actually a higher profit margin than selling gasoline. So Sen. Obama was urging you to go out and enrich Big Oil by inflating your tires instead of buying gas.

When you inflate your tires properly, you save 3% on gas. On a $40 tank of gas, that's $1.20 saved. $1.20 saved per tank from then on, you bleeding idiot. So sure, you pay fifty cents or a buck to power the air pump, on which the service station makes a very high profit margin (cuz air is free, you idiot), but you still make that entire cost back in the very next tank, and then go on taking that money from Big Oil into the foreseeable future. It in no way can be said to be enriching Big Oil, even if it's "only supposed to be 'funny'." Oy. Did I mention the word idiot?

At the very least, we can dispense with the notion that this is a serious man, who would not advance arguments that didn't have an intellectual underpinning. Then again, ever since "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" that's been obvious. I should really put up that post dissecting his plan... check back on that one.

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