DoJ Partisanship Reminder

Just a reminder on why that whole Department of Justice thing was important. Not only was the Bush Administration illegally hiring only "Loyal Bushies" to supposedly nonpartisan jobs in our blind justice system, but they were also illegally pressuring prosecutors to prosecute only Democrats, and to do so right before elections.

For the first five years after 9/11, when they were given increased power to pressure prosecutors via the Patriot Act, federal investigations skewed 79%-18% against Democrats. And yet, they've still been bagging Republicans left and right, from Tom Delay to Scooter Libby to Abramoff to Ted Stevens.

This went so far that people in the independent Department of Justice swore an oath to the President! Or, at the very least, they believed that they had taken an oath to President Bush, rather than to the Constitution.

It shouldn't have to be said, but the vast majority of employees of the Justice Department are supposed to be civil servants. They are the people's employees. The White House has its own lawyers, thank you very much. When the White House is allowed to exert too much influence on the DoJ, there cannot be true Justice for all, and that is unAmerican.

Thank you, Republicans, for making the future President Obama the most powerful President in the history of our great Republic. Limited Government, indeed!

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