Hot (White) Chicks Dig Obama

McCain's campaign finally did it. They released an ad making an explicitly racial/sexual attack on Obama. The statement in this ad couldn't be clearer: Hot (White) Chicks Dig Obama.

1) The five "Hot Chicks" featured in the ad were all white. If you count all females in the ad, it was 7 white, 1 black (a newscaster). So clearly, you've got pretty white women in mind when you get hit with the "Hot Chicks Dig Obama" line.

2) When you talk about Culture in America, you're talking about White Middle Class Culture. Therefore, if you don't specify, what your mind conjures is a white woman. The Conservative's response to this is, "YOU'RE being the racist. I don't see race. Just like Stephen Colbert." Bullshit. This is coded communication to your Southern Strategy base. So much for the Bush Administration's apology for those tactics, huh?

Now, not everyone is bothered by the thought of black men fiending after all your white women, but a significantly larger number is bothered by the thought of the young black stud dating their daughter, or their sister.

Finally, to drill home the point that this is an actual racist attack, remember that just 40 years ago black men who "didn't know their place" and so much as looked at a white woman could find themselves hung from a tree. Lynchings are the cultural progenitor of McCain's campaign for President at this point.

That poor, poor man. Rove has always vied against McCain, originally in 2000. He won in 2000 by destroying McCain personally. Rove clandestinely orchestrated attacks that went after McCain's daughter, saying she was a half-black illegitimate child. They attacked McCain over the South Carolina Confederate Flag, making him endorse what he admits he knew at the time was a hateful symbol "for all the wrong reasons. For ambition." They attacked him on his POW status, saying that his time in prison made him crazy and unfit to run the country.

So, Rove has historically competed with McCain, but I wonder if somewhere along the way he grew to hate him as well. Because once again, Rove is personally destroying McCain reputation. McCain's Rove'd-Up Campaign is taking him into the depths of the sewer. If to be a Patriot is to love and defend your country and therefore its traditions, then McCain's campaign is unPatriotic in the same sense that all of Rove's campaigns have been. The man defeated Ann Richards for Governor of Texas by starting a rumor she was a lesbian, for God's sake! The man will channel the worst parts of human nature, and wring victory from our underlying tribalism. It's discouraging generally, and it's heartbreaking to see it happen to McCain, someone I once admired greatly. It looks like Rove will defeat McCain for a second time, and this time he'll stay down.

If only McCain 2000 was running, for the thousandth time.

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