McCain on Georgia again!

John McCain says: "My friends, we have reached a crisis, the first probably serious crisis internationally since the end of the Cold War. This is an act of aggression."

Since the end of the Cold War, John? (I figure we're on a first-name basis, since he's called me his friend so many times). Really?

Let's do an off-the-cuff list of international crises that weren't crises in McCain's mind:

  1. Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
  2. Operation Desert Storm to remove Iraq from Kuwait.
  3. Collapse of Yugoslavia
  4. NATO in Serbian genocide
  5. Events surrounding 9/11 and consequent US invasion of Afghanistan.
  6. US invasion of Iraq.
  7. US peacekeeping in Somalia
  8. The Lebanon/Israel War
  9. The turmoil in nuclear-armed Pakistan
  10. North Korea testing a nuclear weapon
None of those count. Georgia is the first. Thank God we've already got a President McCain to deal with this first international crisis since the Cold War! God knows the Republicans we normally have in charge would screw it all up!

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