McCain's Answer to the Decembrists

Oh, it hurts so bad. McCain is sooooo pathetic.
With that, country music star John Rich launched into a spirited "Country First" concert on behalf Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) tonight featuring his number-one hit "Lost in This Moment with You" and the debut of a song he had written especially for the presumptive GOP nominee, "Raising McCain."

The free concert, sponsored by the Florida Republican Party, attracted several hundred people including a fan sporting a homemade T-shirt saying, "Don't let the USA become an Obama-Nation."

The 34-year old Rich, saying he was feeling "a little feisty," delivered a tune about American conquest with the introduction, "Here's an oldie but goodie about America kicking a little butt."
Remember, one of the ways the right has sought to diminish Obama's popularity has been to say that his record-breaking crowds are coming for the bands that open for him. The 75,000 in Portland, Oregon were said to be there to see the Decembrists. Right. They've also said that it was the opening bands for Obama in Berlin that attracted the 200,000 America lovers.

Now McCain has his own musical extravaganza, and it's an utter, complete flop. How unbelievably embarrassing for that guy. McCain 2000 should challenge McCain 2008 to a fight over his besmirched honor and reputation.

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