Georgian President Quotes McCain

Well, he's paid for the right, huh? Via TPM:
The President of Georgia just quoted John McCain in a speech before a large crowd in Tbilisi. It helps having one of the Georgian president's employees running your foreign policy team.

Scheunemann's 'policy' was to get the Georgians ginned up on the idea that we were their close military allies and that we'd come to their rescue if their brinksmanship with the Russians went bad. Well, that didn't work out very well. Any situation where you start the shooting and then find yourself begging for a ceasefire within 48 hours is a major blunder. He's not an 'expert' on Georgia; he's the lead guy on the policy that got us into this situation. And the fact that John McCain would make him his chief policy advisor after he's been the conductor on so many trainwrecks should tell us all we need to know about Sen. McCain's foreign policy judgment.
McCain's initial response to international crises is always one of overreaction, and coupled with the Georgian lobbyist heading McCain's Foreign Policy operation that hotheaded tendency was amplified. If McCain's initial response had been implemented and Georgia was inducted into NATO immediately we would have been automatically entered into a state of war with Russia. That's what it means to be a member of NATO. Were he President, I wonder what the world would be like now.

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