McCain Thinks Swiftboating is Funny Now

In 2004, when McCain was still considering becoming a Democrat, he said that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were "dishonest and dishonorable," and that President Bush should condemn them. Those dishonorable smears were led by a Dr. Jerome Corsi, who now has a new book called, cleverly enough, Obama Nation. No link for him.

Corsi's new book is the one alleging that Obama is a crypto-Muslim Black-Power crackhead just waiting till he gets elected to turn us into an Islamic socialist empire. What's McCain '08's response to these deplorable attacks? "Gotta keep your sense of humor." Oy.

That resulted in the following smack from the Obama campaign:

"The old John McCain used to boast about honorable politics, while the new John McCain finds Roveian smears funny. Honor is not a laughing matter. What does John McCain think is funny about an intolerant smear artist who called Pope John Paul II senile and claims the government lied about 9/11? McCain has said he wants to run an honorable campaign, but his belief that these smears are funny makes people question whether he now approves of the same reprehensible politics used to smear his own character eight years ago."

So much for the "civil, respectful" campaign.

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