Conservative Blog Check-in... non-Palin version.

First, in a call-to-arms diary, by jdripper, called Wake Up GOP, Or Else...
He invaded Iraq and Tommy Franks with 140,000 men conquered another country. Anyone reading this are you aware that Tommy Franks war plans and the execution of them are now being taught in every military school on this planet. After making a bad choice when he replaced Tommy Franks President Bush corrected that and named David Petraeus as the new commander. The Iraq war is now won.
Oy. " The Iraq War is now won." These people are either dangerously incompetent, or dangerously rosy-eyed. This is the same stupid Pollyanna thinking that got us into this damned war. "Iraq will be an ally of Israel. The Sunnis and Shiites have never had a history of violence. The Shiite dominated government will be a bulwark against Iran." Fairy tales, all of it. And then, to top it off, we were told that the war was going badly because we at home weren't cheering hard enough. The TinkerBell Strategy. Oy.

BREAKING: Convention Back On?

The GOP Convention may very well get back on. Rumors are floating around the XCEL Center that the convention may be geared back up a few notches after Gustav came in weaker than expected.

Here, though, is what some of the behind the scenes people are bristling about: The McCain Campaign has ordered all punches against the Obama campaign taken out of speeches for the entire convention duration.


Nice guys finish last, Senator McCain.

Well, sure. This was the other strategy available to them - the one that I mentioned a month ago. First, through the summer when "no one pays attention," go heinously negative on Obama. Then reclaim your maverick, reform/change mantle at the convention for the start of the general election with a "clean campaign." Cynical, but it just might work. Just like with Palin.

Don't worry, though, Erik. Just because they want to effect the genesis of another storyline about McCain's resurgence of positivity, that doesn't mean they have to stay that way. They'll go negative again soon enough.

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