Palin: Lawyered Up, and Ready to Obstruct Justice!

Sure enough, the lawyer hired for Palin by the McCain/Rove campaign has moved to block the independent investigation, leaving only Sarah Palin's three special appointees investigating the crime. Does that sound familiar to anyone? This is exactly what we want to change away from.

... Steve Branchflower, the lead investigator, began trying to arrange a deposition of the governor days before her veep selection. And despite claiming executive privilege to shield requested emails, up until that point Palin had promised full cooperation with the probe.

Now, however, she is refusing to submit to questioning by Branchflower unless he and the legislative committee that appointed him agree to relinquish control of the investigation and turn it over to a state review board made up of three Palin appointees.

Yesterday, Palin took the unusual step of having her lawyer, Thomas van Flein, file an ethics complaint against her with the state's Attorney General. This, she hopes, will lead the AG to give the investigation to the aforementioned state personnel board. Unless that happens, and Branchflower agrees to close down his investigation, she will refuse to testify.

These are lawbreakers, who believe they can simply do whatever they want with the power they are given. This is the culture of corruption that has systematically built itself inside the Republican Party, rearing its head once again.

The talk radio will continue saying, "Wow, what a stand up lady. She's started investigations of herself! What kind of politician would do such an honest thing?" That's my next Boortz call.

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