McCain Supports Torture

Let's remember that, despite the credit Obama wants to give McCain on the issue, McCain does support torture.  As long as the right people are doing it.
While McCain deserves credit for the landmark 2002 McCain-Feingold campaign-finance reform bill, the only other major law on which his office says his "name appears" (Palin's standard) is the "McCain Amendment" prohibiting torture in the armed forces. But that has little meaning because of a bill this year, supported by McCain, that allows torture by the CIA. Under longstanding government practice, military intelligence officers can be temporarily designated as CIA officers ("sheep-dipped" is the bureaucratic lingo) when they want to go off the Army field manual. In other words, the government can still torture anyone, any time. McCain caved on an issue he insists is a matter of principle.
Obama is far too gracious on this point.  Of all the issues McCain should be an expert on, torture is the most viscerally personal.  A man that gave a false confession under torture should know better.

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