The RNC Allows itself to be BarackRolled

Well done, McCain campaign.  Demonstrating that even though the only thing Republicans are good at is getting themselves elected, they still managed to mess up a search for Walter Reed Medical Center, causing the rest of the photo-montage to be cancelled and replaced with a beautiful blue sky.  In other words, they put a blue-screen behind John McCain.

Once again, McCain had issued a challenge for the  internet to make him interesting.  HtMaltin knocked it out of the park, below.

It's called a Rick-Roll.  If you haven't heard of it, I'll describe the internet tradition this way.  I post something to a thread saying something to the effect of "Click this link for the most awesome web video you've ever seen.  Whatever you personal desires are, this video fulfills them in ways you've never imagined possible.  It is all you need in life to remain happy.  Have you clicked it yet?"  It turns out to be a video by some obscure 80's guy.  You've been Rick Rolled.  And so has the Republican National Convention and John McCain.  He probably thinks the video behind him is part of the google.  He would totally fall for a Rick Roll... but then, so have we all.

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