McCain doesn't haveJudgement, and Neither does Palin

It turns out that not only is McCain temperamentally unfit for the job of President, Palin's judgment and temperament are not equal to the task either, if her actions surrounding delivery are any measure of the woman. This all comes from details presented in an Alaska Daily News article from the time:

She claims she flew from Texas to Anchorage after she was having contractions and leaking amniotic fluid. This simply doesn't make sense. I am a physician and I deliver babies (my last delivery was about 36 hours ago).


There is very little chance that a 44 year old woman who was pregnant with her fifth child would last 8 hours with ruptured membranes and contractions. Especially when the baby was approximately 4 weeks early; She would have delivered this baby on the plane.

The article states the following events (in Alaska time):

Thursday (April 17th, 2008?):
1AM - Palin (in Texas) calls her doctor (in Alaska) saying she is leaking fluid but only contracting occasionally. "Palin said she felt fine but had leaked amniotic fluid and also felt some contractions that seemed different from the false labor she had been having for months."

Playing the back seat doctor here, my advice would have been get in the car and go to the nearest hospital with a maternity ward. This is called Premature Preterm Rupture of Membranes (PPROM) and it is dangerous.

10:30pm - Palin arrives in Anchorage (approximately 22 hours after membranes ruptured, you start to get worried at 12 hours).

11:30pm - Palin checks into Mat-Su regional in Wasilla, Alaska. (It seems kind of strange that she wouldn't have gone to Providence in Anchorage which has the highest level maternity care in the state. You would want a child with genetic defects to be delivered in a bigger place with more services available.)

Friday (April 18th?):
6:30am - Child is born. It sounds like she was about 36 weeks along. She was induced to deliver. That makes it seem as if she really had ruptured her amniotic sack, otherwise you would try to stop labor with medications.


That is the important point. It is poor judgment to get on a plane when you are pregnant and leaking amniotic fluid. If she knew her child had this disorder and got on a plane with leaking amniotic fluid, then she shows incredibly poor judgment.

Jesus. A 44 year old woman, in premature labor, with a baby that has known genetic defects, gets on a plan rather than delivering in Texas. Really. Even if you have the absolute most charitable interpretation of these events, it still shows her judgment to be fatally flawed - even when her own health and the health of her new child were at risk.

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