GOP is Limbaugh's Party - Redstate.com

Redstate is all up in arms that Obama called Palin swine by using an idiom that anyone can understand. Putting lipstick on a pig is a classic Midwestern idiom that I knew from childhood, and obviously doesn't have anything to do with actual pigs.

Redstate says this is absolutely intentional, and cites this historical example of Obama making personal affronts, embedding a video of Obama "flipping off Hillary."

That's two fingers, ladies and gentlemen.  Every picture you see of it, from every angle except the straight-on camera that Fox News used to stoke the story.  It's yet another transparent lie.

Everything they can do to piss off liberals and avoid talking about the issues, they do.  They're terrified of a legitimate debate.  It's Limbaugh's Party.

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