Powell Smacks McCain

Powell says that Georgia provoked this conflict foolishly, and if they had been advised differently by the people they were talking to it might have been avoided.  Remember, McCain was talking to the Georgian President "every day."

He says that "one of our candidates" jumped in on one side of the conflict "inappropriately" and "emotionally."

I can't wait for his endorsement of Obama.


James K said...

Georgia provoked the Russian attack?! Outrageous. They engaged in a military operation to quell rebellion in a part of their country, within their internationally recognised borders. Their is only one to blame here, and that is Russia, not Georgia. They are the victim.

Its getting high time for people to start recognising the danger posed by Russia to our interests.

Kepler said...

Oy. How quickly you forget. The Georgians waited until the start of the Olympics to "throw a match into a room full of gasoline." There was no rebellion in Ossetia. There were long-term peacekeeping troops in the region in order to prevent the ethnic cleansing of the Ossetians by the ethnic Georgians, as began happening when Georgia invaded. Are you arguing that Republican Hawk Colin Powell is some sort of peacenik?