"Hookers and Blow"

So much for "toning down" the convention in respect for the suffering of the Gulf Coast, eh? A truly hilarious 2:50. Hilariously sickening. McCain, of course, doesn't command the respect of his political troops because they know he's going to lose. "Might as well keep drinking! Life is short!"

When Obama, however, says that none of his people will mention the Palin's children, we march in lockstep. Even the diarists at DKos have remained basically silent, and when a diary is posted that uses the children, they get shouted down by commenters and rated into the dirt.

Of course, if I were a political operative, I'd have a stockpile of usernames with long (but extremely sparse) history to use in just such occasions. Amazingly, the original "Sarah isn't Trig's Mother" rumor was started by just such an account. Surprise!

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